Spinomatic Colour Twist
spinomatic colour twist also plays with the element of surprise when acid or base encounter red cabbage dye. Therefore, together with german media and technology artist Julian Jungel, a machine was developed which daub a with red cabbage juice brushed paper. This artificial device is used as an instrument for generating seemingly unnatural and impossible effects. Spinomatic colour twist contrasts the technical, artificially generated tool with the natural material red cabbage. This machine does not generate reproducible images, which implys that each sheet is unique. The machine rotates a vessel filled with liquids and scatters the substance on the all around placed, coloured paper. The results are influenced only by the different attaching parts and consistencies of the liquids. Resulting structures and colour compositions go from rough blurs of colour, via subtle, colourful lines up to varying spots. Such one of a kind painting illustrates the complete colour palette of the indicator anthocyanin by a picturesque colour application.